Living Well is the Best Revenge.

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Welcome to 夢太(Yumeta) by NADELL!

I’m Aya Oshida. I’m modeling, playing music, and mother of a son, Yumeta. I also offer the children’s underwear and room wear made from silk and organic cotton fabric. The reason why I choose silk is that silk was the only fabric which soothed my skin trouble, especially when I was pregnant. This is where the idea of “夢太(Yumeta) by Nadell” came from. I wanted my son to feel the comfiness! Since then, I and my mom started to make silk underwear for him, sometimes we made it from my underwear because we rarely found knitted silk fabric in Japan. Who believes Japan was Silk Country! It was declined several decades ago.

My son has loved our silk underwear too much and he hasn’t worn other materials after bath!! Watching him, I have got a kind of confidence. it must be good for other babies, too.

Then, Yona Kitamura, designer of NADELL, supported my style and we decided to stop just being friends but also partners for 夢太 by NADELL. That was the point when the maison was born.

About the silk of 夢太 by Nadell, as I told you, although it is deficult to find silk fabric made in Japan, the process of degumming and making underwear is made in Japan. NADELL is the mason in Kyoto, the fabric is came from Kyoto, too.

Living Well is the best Revenge.
Living your own life is sometimes not easy, especially if it is with your family, doing your things and family’s things at the same time. But trying to engage yourself in Living Well is the most important thing. 夢太 by NADELL would like to accompany each families’ life and hope every family will find there own way to live, loving each other.